Chiang Mai Night Safari organized an activity “Loy Krathong and Prathip Bok Fa Yi Peng, Chiang Mai, ready to watch the special light show, Loy Krathong night

Posted Thursday October 22nd, 2020 | update : Monday November 9th, 2020

Yi Peng Tradition Or the Loi Krathong tradition of the Lanna people This year, Chiang Mai Night Safari has organized an activity “Loi Krathong and Prateep Bok Fa Yi Peng, Chiang Mai, is ready to invite tourists to join the lamp as a Buddhist worship and worship the sacred things that preserve nature in Chiang Mai Night Safari. Along with watching a special set of light colored loy krathong at night
“Yi Peng tradition” or the Loy Krathong tradition of the Lanna people The origin of the name is traditionally called from the word “Yi” meaning two and “Peng” meaning pen, which generally means Traditions on the twelfth lunar month of the Lanna people Which corresponds to the eleventh month in Thailand Which Loi Krathong Day in the year Has started earlier than every year

And the lighting of “Phang Prathet” or “Phang Prateep” is a worshiping in Buddhism. The word “Phang” is a small cup-like pottery It is used as a cup for wax or oil and a filling made of cotton threads. The word “Prite” is a bright light. Which Lanna people would like to place the Phang Prathis as a Buddha worship And is believed to make intelligence There is a light to guide life to the worshipers like light from a lampshade. Therefore, during the Yi Peng tradition, we see people coming out to light lanterns all over Lanna land. Which is an activity held to replace the release of a floating lantern Which in addition to helping reduce the floating lanterns in the community It also allows the younger generation to continue the traditional way of lighting the lamp, not to be lost.

For more information, contact Facebook: Chiang Mai Night Safari, Chiang Mai Night Safari or LineOA: nightsafari or call 053-999000.

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