Night Safari Tram Ride

Posted Sunday August 4th, 2019 | update : Tuesday October 25th, 2022

Activity tram ride view animals to night (Night Safari  Tram Ride) started open daily from 5.30 pm. – 8.00 pm. Tram leaves every 30 minutes

Savanna Safari Zone is the first to experience the animals close up giraffes, zebras, red- kangaroos, etc., next to Predator Prowl Zone is the second zone, you will exposure to predators such as white tigers, lions, spotted hyena, etc.  Take the time about 60 minutes.  (tickets office closed  at 8.00 pm.)

  • Tram ride: Thai version, depart  5.30 pm. 6.00 pm. 6.30 pm. 7.00 pm. 7.30 pm. 8.00 pm.
  • Tram ride: English version, depart 5.30 pm. 6.00 pm. 6.30 pm. 7.00 pm.7.0 pm. 8.00 pm.

UPDATE  1/3/2022

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