Free Shuttle bus

Note : Shuttle bus fee service round trip 100 baht per person, except the booking booked direct with Chiang Mai Night Safari website or buy the tickets at site is free of charge.

Station 1 : At 04:45 pm. Imm Hotel (Tha Phae) to Chiang Mai Night Safari

Station 2 : At 05:00 pm. Night Bazaar to Chiang Mai Night Safari

Back from Chiang Mai Night Safari at 09:00 pm.  Please Booking : 053 999 000



Resorts and lodges Chiang Mai Night Safari (Resort) single storey villa is equipped with various facilities. Other facilities Distributed by the serenity of the natural forest in various areas of the Chiang Mai Night Safari. Each house comprises 3-4 units separate from each other independently each unit is decorated in a safari-style quaint zebra and tiger motifs with living room or sitting area are properly organized and beautiful bathrooms have a modern and spacious with beautiful indoor garden close to nature even more


Seminar Room

Hosting Conference and various activities (Seminar Building) Chiang Mai Night Safari is open space in the seminar and various activities that can support various organizations with open space in the Lanna Village. To apply for a visitor to sit, stand and admire the beauty of Swan Lake with views of the forest. And Doi Suthep – Walking Zone and landscaping around the Musical Fountain and Water Screen is the best spot to watch the beauty of the environment within the Chiang Mai Night Safari. Patio overlooking the outdoor space consists of two levels to grow flowers and palm oils, extra distance separates the patio overlooking the beautiful and vivid details of the activity. The meetinghouse that accommodate from 50 up to 150 people.

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