Chiang Mai Night Safari increases travel confidence Continually reiterate surveillance measures and prevent the spread of “COVID-19”.

Posted Tuesday December 1st, 2020 | update : Thursday April 7th, 2022

Pingkhanakorn Development Office (Public Organization) by the Chiang Mai Night Safari Office To monitor and prevent the spread of infection. “Coronavirus” (COVID-19) with continuous screening of office personnel and tourists

Mr. Benjapol Nakprasert Executive Director Acting on behalf of the Director of the Pingkhanakorn Development Office Reveal how to deal with the coronavirus virus (COVID-19) that has spread to community areas. And various locations In Thailand at the moment And now Chiang Mai Night Safari has more tourists coming to visit services. Therefore emphasizing surveillance measures and preventing the spread of infection “Coronavirus” (COVID-19) that has been monitored continuously. To increase the confidence of tourists visiting Chiang Mai Night Safari Tourists must register and reserve their visits in advance. And before entering the area, you must scan the QR Code, Thai wins, screening through closed-circuit television cameras, body temperature measurement type, at the Drop Off point to screen tourists. At the same time, Chiang Mai Night Safari cleans the area every 2 hours and increases the frequency of disinfectants at the service points for travelers who may be at risk. Both before and after the service There is also an additional hand sanitiser service point for tourists. Which will be able to build the confidence of the users as well

This is for the safety of the spread of infection. “Coronavirus” (COVID-19), tourists must strictly follow the measures. Which must wear a face mask every time Social spacing 1 – 2 meters and pre-registration, visit or

For more information, please contact Chiang Mai Night Safari Tel. 053 – 999000 or Line @: nightsafari, Facebook: Chiang Mai Night Safari Chiang Mai Night Safari

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