Chiang Mai Night Safari invites you to experience the cold weather

Posted Wednesday November 27th, 2019 | update : Friday December 13th, 2019

n the countdown time, step into this new year. Many tourist attractions began to travel gradually. At Chiang Mai Night Safari Natural attractions located in Chiang Mai are considered as one of the tourists and Thais who come to experience the cold wind close to nature and see the cuteness of many wildlife as well.

Mr. Anucha Damrongmanee Executive Director To perform the duties of the director of the Pingkan Nakorn Development Agency. In late December There are more tourists visiting Chiang Mai Night Safari. Which is a percentage of Thai tourists 55 and 45% foreigners, including a significant increase in Chinese tourists. Which Chiang Mai Night Safari has activities for tourists all day long, such as car watching In the afternoon and night Where tourists can feed cute animals closely Especially the giraffe family that is a favorite of tourists Tiger show, Night Predator show, Safari dancing show And many other activities Including providing accommodation style Resort in the midst of nature, during the New Year’s Eve celebration, welcome the new year. For tourists to choose from And experience the atmosphere of the sunset, which is open from this period until January 1, 2019.

Chiang Mai Night Safari is a government agency under the supervision of the Ping Nakorn Development Agency (Public Organization), a natural and wildlife tourist attraction. That provides both entertainment with hidden knowledge Is a natural and wildlife conservation place From many continents around the world That are rare and endangered species, such as the five-colored langur deer, and some species here only in Thailand, such as the Brazilian Tapir wolves Bison, Golden Tiger Striped hyenas, stripes, etc.

Come and experience the cold weather. See the cuteness of the only wildlife in Thailand at Chiang Mai Night Safari. In the New Year’s Eve festival, welcome the new year. Every day from 11.00-22.00 hrs. Or contact for more information at 053999000 Or Facebook : Chiang Mai Night Safari or Line @: nightsafari

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